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Tracks where participants stand on each discussion, ensuring it won't disappear until resolved. Fully customizable logic determines when a review is complete.
Clearly shows net deltas since last time you looked, even if commits got rebased or amended. Batches comments and correctly threads email responses.
Works only with GitHub and GitHub Enterprise, making for a seamless integration. Minimal admin busywork, no extra fluff — just awesome code reviews.

What are others saying?

Nicolas Artman
Frontend Engineering Lead, Udacity
Danny Kopping
Senior PHP Developer, Zando
Holger Rapp
Senior Software Engineer, Google
Jay Stotz
Co-founder & CTO at Springboard Retail
Austin McDonald
Software Engineer, Seed

Not convinced yet? Here's some more features

Instantly diff any two revisions of a file, in unified or side-by-side style. Hide minor changes: whitespace, merge, and rebase deltas.
Customize margin, fonts, colors, keyboard shortcuts, etc. Jump from a comment straight to the right spot in your favorite editor.
Line comments map across file revisions and stay in place until resolved, not just until changes are pushed.
Modern, clean UI with a touch of whimsy. Full contextual help and fast support if you have questions.
Keep track of who reviewed which revision of each file to make sure no changes are missed. Combine commits or review each one.
SSO with GitHub account — no separate accounts to manage. All your code stays on GitHub, never touching our servers.

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